Opportunities for ex – service personnel

Opportunities for ex – service personnel

I think it is fair to say we all appreciate the work that our service men and women do, and the strains, pressure and high risk that comes with it. But what happens to them after the military in terms of job opportunities? The upsetting truth is that many struggle to find regular employment, or end up accepting a position that doesn’t utilise all their skills. So why do service men and women find gaining employment so difficult?

One major factor for the forces personnel is having to translate their capabilities into transferrable skills. For example a service engineer that has helped service and maintain Apache helicopters and combat vehicles, ensuring the asset maintenance and ordering of parts, is still a capable service engineer and with a good CV to ensure the skills and responsibilities are listed correctly will help potential clients better understand the transferability to their sector.

Another hurdle to overcome is that service men and women won’t necessarily have the same corporate networks to gain access to opportunities. As they have worked in the secure defence sector building those corporate connections would not have even been of consideration. Trying to build those connections in a short amount of time can be extremely difficult, and means that they will miss out on many potential opportunities in the process.

One thing that may be quite daunting for many forces personnel, is having to consider what sort of opportunities would appeal to them. Many will be used to using high end specialist equipment and being tested both mentally and physically to their maximum potential, so the idea of transferring to a desk based position or a position that doesn’t utilise all their skills and passions they developed during their time serving can be extremely discouraging.

The good news is that many companies see ex-service men and women as highly skilled employees to recruit. Many will have exceptionally strong teamwork and leadership skills, and are extremely hard working and motivated. Many have developed strong engineering skills constantly working with the most up to date technologies, and have high problem solving skills. Some companies will even actively look to employ forces personnel due to the security clearance needed within the company.

As an ex-service man or woman, having a recruitment agency to help with your job search is highly beneficial. Recruitment agencies have a strong relationship with their client that allows them the opportunity to really sell in your skills and explain how they can be transferrable within their business, highlighting the positive points before you even attend an interview. In addition they can help identify suitable positions that you may not consider, or may have not felt confident applying for.

Here at Allstaff Recruitment, we aim to get the best results for our candidates, and will actively sell the benefits of each candidate to our clients in order to get the best match for each position. We have a number of clients that due to the nature of the business do find that service men/women tend to be a better fit, and do see it as an advantage to see that sort of experience on their CV.

As a result, if you or someone you know does need help finding their next perfect role, then please do get in touch, we would love to actively help fulfil your potential. 

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