Longevity within the workplace

When looking for a new position the first and most important factor to consider is your CV. This is your very first opportunity to stand out to a potential client and make a good impression. But what exactly are clients looking for in terms of longevity within roles? As we know jumping around can give a bad impression to recruiters. Can staying in the same position or company be just as off-putting to a recruiter? In 2015 the Telegraph released the statistic that the average worker will work for different companies in their search for job satisfaction. So what is the right amount of time to spend at a company and what are the arguments for and against?

When screening CVs, most employers are looking to invest in you for at least three to five years. Therefore, your longevity in previous roles gives them a good indication as to how long you are likely to commit. Your CV would be viewed as a much “safer” investment if you show a clear commitment to previous companies for longer periods of time.

Is longevity on your CV beneficial or harmful to your chances at securing that new role?

However, over time, employers’ views on longevity seem to have changed. Candidates who stayed anywhere for more than five years suddenly became less desirable due to concerns over motivation. It could raise questions as to how adaptable you are. How easily you will pick up new skills and processes? Do you respond to change negatively? Would the difference in the environment mean that you actually end up leaving quite quickly if it is too much of a change?

There is no denying that a CV with numerous different roles all within a short period raises big question marks on commitment. However, it can demonstrate how quickly you pick up things as you have been exposed to many different computer systems and processes.

But why leave your dream job just to improve your CV? In some types of work, a move can be extremely advantageous. It can help you further develop your skills and knowledge which in turn could help you advance within the industry. Advancing within the same company is always received well by a potential employer. It can justify long periods without impacting negatively on your CV. Alternatively, you can look to education and undertake training courses to keep your skills and knowledge fresh. This can also counteract any negative effect of longevity as it shows that you are still committed and keen.

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