Life in Recruitment at Allstaff Recruitment

Life in Recruitment

What do you think when someone mentions 'Recruitment Agencies’? What is the first thing that comes to mind? Is it fear of the unknown? Is it a fear of admitting
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Ask the expert - Working Parents | Allstaff Recruitment

Ask the Expert – Working Parents

I can honestly say there is nothing more factual than the old adage “being a parent is a full time job.” But not everyone can or wants to give up
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Univerity | Allstaff Recruitment

Does the University you attend affect your job opportunities?

Choosing which University to go to can cause a lot of unnecessary stress and pressure on young people, but does it really matter what University you attend?
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I forgot Day 2nd July | Allstaff Recruitment

‘I Forgot Day’

I am sure many of us have had that moment where we go to do something, walk into another room and then every single thought in our head completely disappears
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Industries within Milton Keynes and what they have to offer | Allstaff Recruitment

Industries within Milton Keynes and what they have to offer…

As Milton Keynes is a top performer for job creation and opportunities within the UK, there is no greater advertisement that the thousands of industries and businesses that have been
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Milton Keynes | the place to work | Allstaff Recruitment

Milton Keynes, the place to work…

In January 2015, Milton Keynes saw the highest growth in employment when measured against the largest towns and cities in the UK, during the previous decade. The number of jobs
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Why use a recruitment Agency? | Allstaff Recruitment

Why use a Recruitment Agency? – Clients and Candidates

Many Job seekers have never considered using a Recruitment Agency. Recruitment agencies provide a significant and valuable service to clients and candidates alike. We take the pressure off of employers
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Allstaff Recruitment | Black Friday Bonanza

Black Friday Bonanza

Everyone has their preferred retailers where they hope to grab some good bargains, but do you prefer to shop online or instore for your deals?
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Opportunities for ex - service personnel | Allstaff Recruitment

Opportunities for ex – service personnel

I think it is fair to say we all appreciate the work that our service men and women do, and the strains, pressure and high risk that comes with it.
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Allstaff Recruitment looking at longevity within the workplace

Longevity within the workplace

Is longevity on your CV beneficial or harmful to your chances at securing that new role? When looking for a new position the first and most important factor to consider
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