Battling the Turnover Contagion

Have you ever had the problem of multiple employees jumping ship and leaving after one employee resigns or is fired? This domino effect is known as the Turnover Contagion and unfortunately for businesses, is becoming more common. To combat this mass departure, employers need to first discover why their employees are following suit. What makes them want to leave or feel the need to resign?

What causes the Turnover Contagion?

There are a few things that may cause employees to follow in the footsteps of another and leave.

In the case of redundancy, when an employee is made redundant alarm bells ring for remaining employees. Redundancy can read to employees as the business facing money troubles. So when word gets out about redundancies taking place, many are inclined to start looking elsewhere for better job security. The same applies to when a member of staff resigns or is fired and is not replaced. Existing staff then prioritise job security.

Remaining staff often have an increase in responsibilities as they are tasked with covering for the former employee. They may have to pick up extra hours, to complete both jobs and ensure their own work doesn’t fall under the radar. Employees become at risk of burnout as they are overworked and underappreciated.

Teams at work can be very closely knit with strong connections between members. When one leaves, the remaining team may follow as the job is not the same without their friend. For some people, they may not enjoy the work or company but love the people they work with and that may be the only reason for their longevity in the workplace. In these circumstances when their friend leaves, they no longer feel as though they have a reason to stay.

How can you prevent a mass departure of employees?

Conduct your exit interviews!

Exit interviews are highly beneficial for many reasons, particularly for identifying ways to improve employee morale and engagement. When the first employee leaves, an exit interview can help catch any issues early and help prevent the mass departure that is the Turnover Contagion! It can be a great tool for finding out how your employees really feel. Issues may be minimal. You may find that the new changes you recently implemented has left your employees feeling blindsided and unable to keep up. It could be that the new manager you brought in has a different leadership technique that some employees struggle with. Not every issue is relevant to the whole team. Issues not relevant to the whole team, can provide some new questions to ask during the hiring process to ensure a better-suited fit for the prospective employee.

Conducting anonymous employee surveys are another great technique for establishing what may lead to the turnover contagion. Similar to exit interviews, they provide valuable feedback you can use to implement change and help with employee retention.

Make job security a priority!

When former staff are not replaced, current employees may worry that their job is not safe. Finding ways to make job security a priority can make a big difference to turnover rates. It is important to be transparent with staff and reiterate that their job is safe and how valuable they are to you. Where possible, a salary increase can be a good technique to cover all bases. Salary increases can indicate that someone’s job is safe and show appreciation for all their hard work.

Offering additional training and development can also be a great way to highlight to employees how their job is secure. You can outline development plans, including specific milestones for salary reviews or promotion. Discussing and showing employees the potential future plans you have for them within the business can instil confidence for their role but also they much they are valued and part of the bigger picture!

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