Benefits of Seasonal Work

Seasonal work is great for both job seekers and businesses alike. It helps businesses to meet demands during peak periods and can help cover increased absences during the summer holidays. For jobseekers, seasonal work can provide more than just an income!

Boost Your Income with Seasonal Work!

Seasonal work is typically a temporary role working either full or part-time. It is a great option for students who are home for the summer or anyone who is struggling to find a full-time permanent role and needs a little extra income.

Work in the summer period can help tide you over during Autumn as you may not have time to hold down a job. This is especially the case for students who may not want to or be able to work throughout their studies.

Adds to your CV

Undertaking work during seasonal periods can boost your CV. It can help to fill any gaps in employment if you find yourself in between roles and are struggling to find a permanent role. It also shows you can work in a busy fast-paced environment and do well under pressure. It also demonstrates how motivated and hardworking you are as you choose to work over these holiday periods.

Learn new skills

Typically, seasonal and temporary jobs include roles such as warehouse, retail customer service, administration and events. With these roles, you can pick up real-world experience and great transferable skills.

Develop your organisational, timekeeping and communication skills, which are essential requirements for most permanent opportunities. You can also pick up more specific sector and industry related skills, depending on the role you undertake. For example, if you work as an administrator within a HR department, not only can you pick up strong administration skills but knowledge of the HR industry and its processes too!

Meet new people

It is a great opportunity for you to meet new people. Not just your fellow colleagues but your customers and clients too! As well as making new friends, you can expand your professional network and build good working relationships for the future. Networking is an important tool for career development and prospects. It is not always what you know, but who you know!

Test your Interests

The nature of seasonal work allows you to pick up a variety of different roles across industry types. As most are temporary, they often look for someone with more transferable skills and the ability to pick things up quickly over someone with a wealth of experience in the role/sector. You can get a taste for roles or just different industries. Do you like a more practical role over an office role? Do you enjoy the roles which are more consumer focussed?

Going back to the administration role within HR example, you may find you enjoy working an admin role but the HR industry is not for you. Therefore, the next seasonal role you pick up, you may choose to try a different industry such as manufacturing or sales. You can dip your toe in many different pools until you find one that you enjoy.

Find Seasonal Work

Are you looking for work just for the summer? Or maybe you want some extra hours over Christmas or Easter break? Whatever, your situation is, at Allstaff Recruitment we often have lots of temporary full or part-time roles available to help tide you over. Get in touch with one of our Consultants today to discuss what it is you are looking for and see how we can help you!

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