Applying for Jobs with Inclusive Companies

Women continue to face struggles in the workplace, including unequal pay and underrepresentation. We can make a difference by actively seeking out and applying for roles in companies that prioritise diversity and inclusion. Inclusive companies actively work to create a workplace that values and respects all individuals, regardless of their background or identity. Applying for jobs with inclusive companies is a great way to ensure you work in a supportive and diverse environment.

Tips for finding and applying to inclusive companies:

  • Look for companies that have a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion.

    It’s important to look for companies that have a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion, not just in words but in actions. Look for companies that have a history of promoting women and that actively seek to recruit and retain women in leadership positions. Companies that offer equal pay and benefits regardless of gender or race are also crucial.

  • Research the company culture.

    Look for companies that celebrate women’s achievements and have a culture of inclusivity and support. Look for companies that have programs or policies that promote work-life balance, flexible schedules, and professional development opportunities.

  • Consider the industry.

    Some industries have a more substantial history of recognizing and promoting women than others. Women have historically dominated fields like education, social work, and healthcare, which can provide opportunities to work with and support other women. However, it’s important to be mindful that individual companies in these sectors may still maintain pay disparities and underrepresentation of women in leadership positions.

  • Network with other women in your field.

    Women’s professional organisations and networking groups can be an excellent resource for finding job opportunities. They can also be great for connecting with other women and like-minded people in your industry.

  • Highlight your own accomplishments and skills.

    When applying for jobs, make sure to highlight your own accomplishments and skills, Women often face challenges in being recognised for their accomplishments and may need to be more proactive in promoting themselves. Additionally, negotiating your salary can help address the pay disparities that women face in the workplace.


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