Counter Offers

Counter Offers

Counter offers put simply, are offers made by an employer, issued in response to a job offer from another company to lure an employee away from the business. As a Recruiter we often come across counter offers when placing candidates in new roles, whether this be due to their expertise, their level of responsibility, their efficiency within the role, their strong work ethic, or because they are simply the ‘perfect fit’.

There are many reasons why candidates may be inclined to accept counter offers – this could be the promise of a better work life balance, more money or a promotion with more responsibilities. The only problem with this is, even if a candidate accepts a counter offer, more often than not they will still be looking to leave six months down the line. In fact, 80% of candidates who accept juicy counter offers will still end up leaving within six months.

Why? If a candidate has already made the conscious decision to look for a new role, then there is usually a legitimate reason which is usually not just about money. This can be due to the fact they feel they are not currently appreciated for the hard work they do, or maybe they want to readdress their work life balance. It could also be that the opportunities were not open to them or that office dynamics were causing negative impacts on their day.  However these sorts of issues will still be there regardless of the additional remuneration – money will not change the lack of work life balance or make your boss or coworker a nicer person to work with. Also why should it take you to hand in your resignation before you are noticed or recognised for promotion or a pay rise. In summary, with counter offers it is often too little too late.

As Recruiters, when we first make contact with a candidate looking to leave a current role, the first question we always ask is why?

Why do you want to leave?

This will allow us to not only ensure we are finding the right role, it will also ensure the candidate stays in the position as we can ensure we address what was previously lacking. As a Recruiter, our foremost and utmost goal is to find candidates their dream job with a client who shares the same values. It genuinely makes us happy when we do find candidates their dream job, as they will be motivated to work hard for a client that will reward their efforts.

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