How to find your dream job…

How to find your dream job:

Searching for a new role can be like taking a jog through a minefield. So how do you find your dream job?

With the vast array of online job boards, career pages, and social media sites, where you choose to look is key to making your search effective and successful. Where you advertise yourself can make all the difference, so don’t forget to sell, sell, sell yourself!

As Recruiters, we’re passionate about fitting the right candidate to the right role. We don’t just look to fill a position, we strive to find you a role you will thrive in. In order to do this, we need to build good relationships with candidates and clients alike.

But how do we find you? As an Agency, we receive a high volume of direct applications and enquiries related to the vacancies we recruit for. We do also take the time to search various job boards to find your CV. We do this through highly specific criteria searches, matching our jobs to job titles, essential skills, salary and location. So, it is really important to ensure that if you do post your CV on a job board, all your information is correct and up to date. You don’t want to miss out on your dream job!

ALWAYS make sure your email and phone number are correct on your CV and job board profile. As a Recruiter, it is always disappointing not being able to get in contact with ideal candidates. Make sure you don’t miss out on that once-in-a-lifetime opportunity because you didn’t include a phone number!


Looking for a new role is extremely personal. So in order to optimise your hunt, we would advise the following:

  • Add an up-to-date and detailed CV to the job boards.
    • This will make you visible to hiring managers and Recruiters, allowing you to be headhunted and receive that life-changing phone call.
  • As well as updating your CV, ensure you take the time to update your profile details on the job boards, to ensure you can be found in relevant searches.
  • Make sure your experience is relevant to the role.
    • Read through the advert and ensure that your skills match those required before applying. Be honest and true about the required skills and how they match your CV. If you are not sure, then pick up the phone and discuss the requirements of the role with the Recruiter.
  • Respond to calls and emails from Recruiters.
    • We are so used to getting unwanted sales calls that many ignore calls from numbers we don’t recognise. However, this will often lead to missed opportunities when actively job searching. Most Recruiters will try a couple of times before moving on, so make sure you respond to any calls or voicemails you receive. If you receive a message via email or LinkedIn, make sure you reply,  even if the role is not of interest, or you have found a job. You never know when you may need their help in the future!
  • Keep us in the loop.
    • We want to provide the best service for you. In order to do this, we need a full review of your situation. Let us know if you’re going for other interviews, are in talks with other agencies, or have applied for other jobs. We won’t be angry, we promise! We want to enhance your chances, and in some instances being put forward for a role by multiple sources can lead to your application being discounted!

Happy job hunting!

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