Service Animals – Animals in Recruitment

Service Animals – Animals in Recruitment

The bond between humans and animals has always been strong, dating back as far as historical records go, in many different ways. Traditionally pets had more of a purpose, serving humans for help with transportation and communication as well as companionship. Here at Allstaff Recruitment we have been looking into service animals and how much they help in today’s society.

With an estimated 67 million people living in the UK, approximately 45% of the population are pet owners; that is a lot of pets! Of that percentage 90% claim that owning a pet makes them happy.

Did you know over 16 million animals served in the First World War? Playing a crucial part on both sides, horses, donkeys, mules and camels were all drafted in to help carry food, water, ammunition and medical supplies to men on the front line. Dogs and Pigeons carried messages, even canaries were used to help detect any poisonous gases, which is in addition to the mounted cavalry.

Sadly many of these animals died during service and so the purple poppy is used to remember these animals that were victims of war.

Animals still play an active role in helping many service men and women today, in addition to other jobs in service. Did you know there are over 7,000 disabled people currently relying on assistance dogs in the UK and over 4,500 therapy dogs visiting hospitals, residential nursing homes, hospices and schools in the UK? Dogs are still widely used in the police force, with over 2,500 police dogs currently employed across the various UK police forces for tasks such as supporting the Public Order and Firearms units, as well as detecting drugs, money, firearms and explosives. Because dogs have such an acute sense of smell they have also been trained to detect medical conditions such as cancer and help with search and rescue.

It is not just our canine friends that are helping us either. We still have a mounted cavalry and mounted police force, who can be drafted in to help with crowd control. In addition Horses are also becoming increasingly popular as therapy assistants to help with various anxiety disorders.

So the next time you look down at your furry friend, take a moment to remember all of those loyal companions who have given their lives, or who currently live to serve.

Whilst Allstaff Recruitment doesn’t currently recruit for working animals, we would be more than happy to meet them face to face for candidate screening purposes of course!

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