The Allstaff Guide: Temporary work

With more and more employers opting for a “try before you buy” method of recruiting, it appears temporary vacancies are becoming more and more common. With unemployment on the decrease, could the stigma surrounding temporary vacancies be lifting? Or is the thought of a temporary contract still causing trepidation among many prospective candidates? Could you be missing out on the perfect role, because you are not open to a temporary contract?

Why Temporary?

Traditionally, a temporary contract would be offered by an employer when the role is not expected to become permanent. This could be to work on a specific project, cover maternity leave, or an instance that requires an additional workforce to cover, for example, seasonal peaks. The length of the contract would be agreed upon prior to the commencement of the contract. It may be renewed or extended if there is a need.

More companies are beginning to offer a temp-to-perm contract where candidates are employed on a temporary basis for several weeks or months. If all goes well, then the temp is made permanent – much like a probation period!

Good Time to be Temping!

Many of us view the idea of temporary contracts as too big a risk. The uncertainty of the length of the contract and the daunting prospect of what to do when the contract finishes. The possibility of not being able to pay the bills for one month just doesn’t bear thinking about. It causes many of us to instantly dismiss temporary work.

However, taking on a temporary role should be seen as a great opportunity for both the employer and the candidate. Many employers will consider a temporary role initially, whilst considering the longevity of that role. If there is scope for the role to become permanent and the candidate really excels in the role, becoming a good fit within the team then there is every chance this role could then progress to a permanent position for this candidate.

If an alternative permanent position comes up within the company a temp worker could have an advantage. When applying for the permanent position, the temp will have a working knowledge of the company. The client already has a good indication of the candidate’s work ethos and fit for the role.

Working temporary contracts can also provide great experience and diversity on a candidate’s CV. It shows adaptability and amenability to new roles. Whilst a long list of employers can put a perspective employer off your CV, temporary contracts, providing they are shown as such, would not be considered detrimental to your application. They can be a great way to pick up new skills and competencies that may not have been experienced otherwise.

Taking the Worry Away

For over a decade, Allstaff has provided an unrivalled service in Bedfordshire, Milton Keynes, and surrounding areas. Developing a team of specialist consultants, providing permanent, contract and temporary staff across a vast number of industries.

Acting as an employment business means Allstaff can take away any stress for our temporary workers. It means tax and NI payments are made, and all holidays and pension contributions are processed.

If you are looking for your next role, we can provide guidance and support to help you progress in your career or simply secure your next contract. We have relationships with the key employers recruiting in these fields and can advise you about the skills and experience they are looking for and how to enhance your experience across both permanent and temporary contract roles.

Allstaff are often on the lookout for anyone who would be happy to consider temporary contracts in Bedford or Milton Keynes and surrounding areas. So if you would like to be considered for any positions that arise, please do get in touch.

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