Five Top Tips For Your Next Interview

Attending an interview can be a daunting process. It can push you through an array of emotions that can turn you from a super cool corporate professional, to a blithering wreck within minutes. At Allstaff Recruitment we are lucky enough to have a number of specialist consultants with decades of experience, who have teamed together to provide you with our interview top top tips to help you to stand out at your next interview.

1. “My tip is Preparation, Preparation, Preparation!”

When attending an interview there is nothing worse than appearing unprepared. It is not only a chance to showcase your skills and employability within your discussions and CV, but also an opportunity to show a clear interest in the position and to display your resourcefulness. If you have taken time to assess how you suit their position and have researched the company, this will speak volumes at interview. Take a good look at the website and have good reasons as to why you want to work for their business. Read through their Job Description and have good reasons as to why you want their job (and not just ANY job) and highlight the skills they are looking for and relate this to your own experience. Prepare for a Competency based interview – check out some sample questions and get your story together.

Lynn Higginson-Carter, Senior Consultant

2. “You can never be overdressed for an interview”

My top tip is that regardless of the attire worn by the interviewer, or how out of place you feel when you arrive at the company, the more corporate you appear the better impression you will give.

Helen Gorf, Senior Consultant

 3.“My top tip – Don’t take a job that you won’t love

Take an interview as a good opportunity to find out more about the company. It is important to understand the culture and values of the business. This is when you can find out if this is a place you want to work and can be inspired to progress your career in the direction you want to go.

Kady Brian, Consultant

4.“Be honest and be yourself”

Interviews can be a daunting process for any job seeker. The important thing to remember is an interview is purely an opportunity to discuss your skills and knowledge and whether these skills could potentially match what the company are looking for and how it could help you both moving forward. There is no point lying or making up experience you don’t have as it will always come to light in the end. Instead relish in the achievements and experience you do have and this should help guarantee securing the right role for yourself.

Tracey Finch, Director

5.“Prepare some thought provoking questions to ask your interviewer

In almost every interview, once the interviewer has all the information they need they will usually give you the opportunity to ask any questions you have. This is a great opportunity to ensure that your interview is one to be remembered. Don’t be afraid to ask questions such as “Why did you join the company?” “How have they encouraged and retained you within the business?” or “Why do you love working here?” The more interesting the Question you ask the better, rather than the standard “how long before I hear from you?”

Michèle Fox, Operations Manager

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