Dress for Success – The Allstaff guide to success

The Do’s and Don’ts on how to dress for success at your next interview.

Excitement is buzzing, you applied for the perfect position and have been invited to attend an interview.  However all of a sudden you realise that the last time you pulled out your lucky interview suit was quite a few years ago, and even if it still fitted, would it appear too dated? All of a sudden the matter of how to dress for success at interview becomes a major decision and fashion drama! Here at Allstaff Recruitment we understand the importance of how your appearance can dramatically affect your chances at interview and as such decided to put together out important list of fashion Do’s and Don’ts to help you in your next quest for success.


  • Do dress in a professional manner appropriate for the position you are applying for
  • Men – wear suits with a traditional style tie and nicely polished shoes
  • Ladies – a trouser suit, dress or skirt and blouse will ooze professionalism
  • Do chose sensible, fairly plain colours. Navy or Black are proven to be popular choices.
  • Ensure that your appearance is neat and smart. Your hair should be suitably styled, and any facial hair nicely sculpted.
  • Do ensure what you wear is comfortable. The last thing you want is to be distracted by feeling uncomfortable.
  • Keep accessories to a minimum, again you do not want your accessories to take the attention away during your interview.
  • Do not be afraid to keep in line with latest fashions. The traditional dated styles can leave you looking behind with the times. Or could give the wrong impression when applying for a position within an up and coming business.


  • Do not wear anything too colourful or heavily patterned as it will detract attention away from yourself.
  • Ladies – do not wear anything too revealing
  • Don’t overdo the perfume or aftershave. The last thing you want to do is overwhelm the interviewers with an overpowering scent.
  • Don’t dress too casual. It can be hard to figure out what to wear, especially in summer, however it is important to ensure your professionalism comes across.
  • Do not overdo your make up. Loading on the make-up is not always the best way to go. Keep it natural, avoiding colourful eye shadows and mascaras.


Is it OK to ask what to wear when attending an interview?

Ideally you want to avoid having to ask what to wear in an interview, as it can give the impression that you cannot work without instruction. Therefore always opt to dress in professional corporate attire. You can never overdress, but you can appear too casual.

What’s the best colour to wear to an interview?

When considering the best colour to wear at interview, it is worth noting that Business Insider conducted a survey that discovered blue and black are the two best colours to wear as they portray leadership, trust and confidence. Grey communicates a logical/analytical individual, whilst white shows confidence and that you are highly organised. Orange was found to be the worst colour to choose being too loud for an interview situation.

As a woman, can I wear a dress to an interview?

A conservative dress or skirt is completely acceptable to wear to an interview. Ensure that the length is not too short, and any slits do not rise too high. It is also worth ensuring it is not revealing in any way. However a well picked dress or skirt can give a very professional, corporate appearance.

TOP TIP: You can never be overdressed for an interview. So remember dress smart and be comfortable and this will ensure your success! Good luck!

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