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Candidates who do not drive

Hiring Skilled Candidates Who Do Not Drive

Many of us are shrouded by a naivety that assumes everyone who is old enough to drive, does drive. However not being able to drive is a lot more common
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Industries within Milton Keynes

As Milton Keynes is a top performer for job creation and opportunities within the UK, there is no greater advertisement that the thousands of industries and businesses that have been
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Image has title of article on it and asks how users will manage ATS and their applications

The Future of Job Applications

What is ATS? ATS = Applicant Tracking System ATS is a type of software that allows employers to manage their job applications more effectively. As you can imagine, employers receive
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Applying for Jobs and Managing your Expectations

Applying for jobs can be demoralising, especially when you invest a lot of time into the applications and see little success in return. When applying for jobs, it is important
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Changes to the Furlough Scheme

Changes to the furlough scheme. An update on the recent changes to the job retention scheme whereby the government are decreasing their contribution and enforcing employers top up the contributions.
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