The Rise of Temp to Perm Positions

Most people are put off by the word “temp”. It signifies short-term cover, no long-term objectives and a lack of stability. However, temp to perm offers something entirely different. So are you letting the perfect role slip away because of the stigma associated with “temp”? In this article, we discuss the rise of Temp to Perm positions.

Temp to Perm roles seems to have become ever more popular in the fast-paced world we live in. It offers a quick solution that could possibly lead to something long-term – a try-before-you-buy kind of thing. For candidates, it allows them to try out a new workplace, role and company. For clients, it offers a chance to see how their new member of staff works and how well they fit in with the existing team.

Temp to Perm Vs Probation Period

Temp to perm needn’t be scary. The way we see it, it’s almost the same as a permanent job with a 6 month probation period! If you aren’t pulling your weight or getting to grips with the job then you can still be let go. With a temp to perm role, the temporary period acts like a probation period. Some companies may still adopt another probation period once you become permanent, but by that point, they know you and how you work. It all depends on the company and how they work!

So the next time you see a “temp to perm” role, don’t be put off! Jump in and get involved in these win/win situations!

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