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Loneliness & Working from home

Loneliness and Working From Home

With more of us working from home than before, we discuss our top tips for battling feelings of loneliness that may come with remote working.
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Salary History Questions and how they contribute to the gender pay gap.

Salary History Questions & the Gender Pay Gap

Stopping employers from asking questions about candidates' salary history has shown to have a positive effect on closing gender pay gaps.
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Candidates who do not drive

Hiring Skilled Candidates Who Do Not Drive

Many of us are shrouded by a naivety that assumes everyone who is old enough to drive, does drive. However not being able to drive is a lot more common
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looking for a new job but don't know where to start? We have lots of tips for making the process easier and help to let the jobs find you!

Where to Start when Finding a New Job

With February progressing swiftly, many of us may be reflecting upon our New Year’s resolutions and how well we may have done so far. It is hard to keep resolutions.
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Data Privacy Week. Transparency builds trust. Be open and honest about how you collect, use and share information for business.

Data Privacy Week

This week is international Data Privacy Week and this Friday the 28th of January is Data Privacy Day. Created as a way to promote the importance of privacy and protecting
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Working from Home

This week is National Work Life Week. This campaign aims to get both employers and employees talking about their well-being at work and work-life balance. Due to the coronavirus, many
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Allstaff Guide to: Video Interviews

This informative guide is designed to help you prepare for video interviews and increase your chances in securing the role.
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The Importance of having more than one CV

When looking for a new job it can be extremely frustrating when you apply for roles that matches your skills perfectly, yet you do not even get a call back.
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Are Christmas decorations in the workplace a good idea?

Today Allstaff Recruitment consider whether Christmas decorations in the work place are a good idea, and whether they actually improve overall productivity and morale.
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The Do’s and Don’ts of Christmas Parties!

Allstaff Recruitment have put together some important things to remember for both Employers and Employees alike regarding Christmas parties and what is expected.
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