Do Exam Results Make A Difference On Your CV?

Do exam results make a Difference on your CV?

When going through the daunting process of applying for jobs, one of the first things to do is update or create your CV.  Your CV is an important insight into your professional experience and educational background, and can be the difference between being successful or not. It is therefore imperative that your CV is as competitive and accurate as possible.

One question which comes up regularly, is whether exam results should be present on your CV and could exam results affect your success during the recruitment process. In this article we will discuss the benefits and answer some of your most asked questions.

With unemployment at an all time low, the job market is extremely competitive, so anything that can give you an edge over other potential candidates is extremely important to include on your CV. More and more clients are asking for GCSE Maths and English results at Grade C or above. Good exam results strengthen your place in a very demanding marketplace, and improve your chances of being selected for interview, as it shows you are articulate and numerate. Poor results can definitely impact on your application as whilst you may have a great personality and the relevant skills to do the job, they cannot tell that from your CV, and as such you may not get the opportunity to showcase your skills and strengths. It is therefore crucial that your CV stands out against all other applications, so that you can secure that interview opportunity.

I always thought that showing my exam results would give an indication of my age which may go against me?

Whilst it is possible to get a rough indication of age by the examinations listed on your CV, so could your job history, and not as many would consider leaving this out, as this is how you show your experience. It is always of benefit to include your exam results despite the fact it may give an indication of age, as often age is not a consideration, however numeracy and literacy skills are, so the better you can demonstrate this, the more likely you are to be selected. The best way to detail exam results is to include the education institution, the subject(s) studied and the grades achieved. The dates can be omitted if you are concerned about giving your age away.

What if exam results are bad?

There’s no denying that poor results can negatively impact your application. However it is still worth including your results, as it will still stand you in better stead against a candidate who hasn’t listed them at all.  In addition if you have taken any extra qualifications or work based achievements ensure you list these as well, as it shows your resilience and commitment.

What if I have no results yet?

If you are just starting out on your career ladder, you may have sat your exams, but are awaiting your results. If you know your predicted grades it could be worth including these, alternatively you can just note the date you sat your exams and the date your results are expected to be received.

What if I never obtained any qualifications?

Not having any qualifications will not necessarily have an effect on your application. Many industries and roles rely more heavily on experience and so would look more to prove your abilities during interview stage, than compare exam results.

Can I lie about my results to make me look better?

Honesty is always the best policy. It is never a good idea to lie about anything on your CV. The idea of your CV is to give the prospective employer an idea of the level you are currently at. If you falsely lead an employer into thinking your abilities are stronger than they are, then it will very quickly become apparent when you start. In addition, many employers now will perform some level of pre-employment checks, which can include your exam results. If you have falsely quoted your results this could lead to the termination of your application.

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