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looking for a new job but don't know where to start? We have lots of tips for making the process easier and help to let the jobs find you!

Where to Start when Finding a New Job

With February progressing swiftly, many of us may be reflecting upon our New Year’s resolutions and how well we may have done so far. It is hard to keep resolutions.
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Industries within Milton Keynes

As Milton Keynes is a top performer for job creation and opportunities within the UK, there is no greater advertisement that the thousands of industries and businesses that have been
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Opportunities for ex – service personnel

I think it is fair to say we all appreciate the work that our service men and women do, and the strains, pressure and high risk that comes with it.
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Longevity within the workplace

Is longevity on your CV beneficial or harmful to your chances at securing that new role? When looking for a new position the first and most important factor to consider
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Presence of Tattoos in the Workplace

With an estimated 20 million Brits having at least one tattoo, are tattoos appropriate in the workplace and can affect your chances of securing a new role?
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Do Exam Results Make A Difference On Your CV?

When going through the daunting process of applying for jobs, one of the first things to do is update or create your CV. Your CV is an important insight
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